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NOTE :: Anyone Worldwide without Visiting USA can buy PLOT , LAND or House in USA. Many People in India without visiting Own PLOTS in USA .
To BUY and PROFIT , watch this Brief VIDEO about a PLOT of LAND of 0.61 Acre ( 26,570 Sqft ) in Gainesville, near Atlanta ,USA which I am Planning to Sell for Rs.1.2 Crore.
Present Value is at Rs.1.41 Crore ( US$ 214,000) . Check on the LINKS given Below .
Last 1 year this PLOT has appreciated 22% in Cost. Owner Financing available after down-payment of Rs.25 Lakhs at 7% Flat per year. Understand the TREND of why you have to OWN a PLOT in USA.

Will Show another VIDEO of the DIRECTION leading to this Plot in a very POSH LOCALITY around the LAKE after you CONTACT me after going through all the details and Sending the SMS mentioned below

LOOK at the PHOTOS of the 0.61 Acre PLOT and other Details ::
CLICK on EACH PHOTO and SEE it . At Present Value is Rs.1.41 Cr of the 0.61 Acre Plot .

2-Center View of  PLOT of 0.61 Acre . 26,571 Sqft 3-House Opp to my PLOT 4-Road infront of the PLOT1-Clear View of my PLOT at 9170 Hannahs Crossing Dr, Gainesville, GA 30506 5-Road infront of the PLOT Photo 2 6- This is my Sister PLOT next to mine 7-View from my PLOT at my Sister PLOT

8-VIEW from my PLOT at my Sister PLOT Photo 2
9-Aerial View of the PLOT and Houses around 10-Exact Marking and Valued at Rs.88 Lakhs  US$142,000 11-House Next to 0.61 Acre PLOT 12-House next to my PLOT of 0.61 Acre 13-House next to my PLOT of 0.61 Acre and Renting value 14-Diagonally Opposite House

14-Sai Baba temple 15-Road and Houses next to the PLOT 16-Abhi in Atlanta 17--Google MAP Direction from PLOT to Sai Baba Temple 18-Atlanta Airport to my PLOT in Gainesville 19--Google Map of States around jquery lightbox frameby VisualLightBox.com v5.7

If you understand the BENEFITS of owning a PLOT in USA has an Investment or for building a House to RENT it you will not neglect this Opportunity to OWN it if you have the CAPACITY to INVEST Rs.1.41 Cr or even Rs.25 Lakhs to start. To understand all the BENEFITS contact Mr.Abhinandana TS after READING everthing.

Anyone who has visited USA will agree for the FACT that it is a very Clean in the Sub-urban areas and the Standard of Living is very Good . I myself was amazed about the clean roads , spacious houses , best things for living which is why majority of Indians want to LIVE and WORK in USA . Anyone from anywhere in the World without visiting USA can buy Property in USA and also sell it for a Profit . Now is the best time to START buying PROPERTY in USA and you will know how you can PROFIT from it when you speak to me.

After I saw a very big Real Estate Marketing Company in Bangalore in 2011 putting series of Advertisement in Times of India Selling PLOTS in USA , I started studying about buying & selling USA Real Estate for nearly 1 year everything and while I was in USA for a Month , I studied and attended Training Seminars on Real Estate Selling and how to make a FORTUNE by Real Estate FLIPPING . I have READ these BOOKS which are given below and I request to read them if you want to EARN A FORTUNE buying and Selling Real Estate in USA with a intial capital investment of Rs.1 Cr and above .

Shortly another VIDEO on Why it is Good to Buy and Sell Residential Plot in USA to Earn a FORTUNE will be developed but before that you can START making a Fortune if you have the Capacity to Invert Rs.25 Lakhs to Rs.50 Lakhs & FLIP the Property after 18months to 24months for a Profit of 25% to 200%.

At present in China from last 10 years , every month 15,000 businessmen are becoming Millionaires with business turnover of US$1 Million. These Chinese businessmen are buying every part of USA and the trend is increasing . Buying a PLOT of Land in USA is the right time because in last one year the dollar value has increased by 20% and real estate has increased by 22% in USA after the recession. Abhinandan TS will share with you how you can make a Fortune once when you buy from Abhinandan this PLOT or any other PLOT he is FLIPPING which he owns. Read everything clearly in the WEBSITE twice and click on the Below links and Study them to undertstand clearly before you Speak to me .

FILL DETAILS correctly to RECEIVE it .
Fill the Form below to get FULL Details on the BENEFITS and ADVANTAGES of Buying properties in USA . There are lot of Advantages and Benefits of BUYING PLOTS now in USA . FILL the details correctly to get Complete Details .
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CONTACT Details :: If don`t want to FILL the Form , send Email Directly

Mobile Number :: 0091 9008026867 ( India ) - SMS me with full details and your Name , Email ID , Country , Place
USA Number : 001 770 881 7545 - Call between 9pm to 11:30pm India Time  
Email Me on info@RealtySelling2NRIs.com

CLICK on the Below LINKS to check the COSTING of PLOTS in the Surrounding areas near the Place where I OWN this PLOT ::

CLICK on the Below LINK :: It Shows US$ 214,000 Cost of the Land ( Approximately Rs.1,41,24,000/- ) . I am SELLING it for Rs.1.2 Cr so that you will a buffer to Sell it for Rs.20 Lakhs to Rs.1 Crore later.


There are other Real Estate Websites where the PLOT details and Market Value of the Surrounding PLOTS are Shown. Once when you Send an SMS and Email and show your desire to buy more details Links will be Given to you to have a Complete study .


How to Confirm the Authenticity of a Property :

Abhinandana TS will provide you the County Website of Georgia State where the PLOT is available . You can Login and See the Details for yourself . Infact I can give you for both the PLOTS . One which is near Atlanta and the second which is at FLORIDA . After Studying everything in this Website and when you call me I can meet you and Show you 2 more VIDEOS and the authenticity of the property which is Owned by me .

I will show you the Details of the above property which is in the VIDEO at :: 9170 Hannahs Crossing Dr, Gainesville, GA 30506

Lot of People from India stay around this Locality . Infact Sai Baba Temple of Atlanta is about 20 miles where on Thursday evening about 1200 to 2000 people gather.I have been to the Sai Baba Temple in Atlanta and have seen the number of devotees attending in evening . Lot of Indians live around .

You can BUY it Now for Rs.1.2 Cr or downpayment of Rs.25 Lakhs and Owner Financing and Sell it within 1 year or 2 year for Rs.20 Lakhs to Rs.1 Crore Profit after you Full Pay . How to Sell it Mr.Abhinandana TS will tell you . Or you can Spend about US$70,000 to US$1,00,000 and build a House there and Rent it for US$1300 to US$2500 . You can also Pay Rs.25 Lakhs and Pay the Balance Rs.1,20,000 per Month EMI for 7 years . This is OWNER FINANCING .

In the process , I will teach you how to buy Cheap properties in USA and Sell it to Rich Indians in India for huge Profit . Many Chinese business people are buying and Selling it to their Country fellows in China . Ordinary middle class Chinese People are investing in PLOTS in outskirts of Cities in USA because 5 years to 10 year later they will increase by 10 to 50 times in VALUE . Studying the trend , I have purchased 2 PLOTS - one near Atlanta and another one in Florida . Planning to buy in California and other Major cities in USA so that after 1 year to 2 year later to Sell it at 100% Profit .

Why Buy PLOT in USA ? Why Buy it from me First ?

To know the Secret and to benefit from it contact Abhinandana TS immediately provided you have the Capacity to Invest Rs.50 Lakhs or Rs.1.2 Cr or Pay downpayment of Rs.25 Lakhs pay monthly Rs.1,20,000 for 7 years . If you have that kind of Capacity , then understand from Abhinandana TS why you need to buy a PLOT in USA and why buy it from me first . If you want to be an Investor look below to Profit in big way .

LOOK at some of the Images of the LAYOUT of the Residential Areas in Sub-urban areas in USA ::

Only Now is the BEST Time to BUY Housing Plot in USA. It is booming again .
From 2011 the Chinese Started buying Housing PLOTS in USA . The Chinese Buy in undeveloped areas and wait for nearly 10 years to Develop .

Call Abhinandan TS or SMS with your Full Name , Email ID , Place if you are KEEN in Buying the US Residential Plot or only SELLING & getting Rs.10,00,000 Commission selling it to someone or interested in Earning Monthly Rs.1,00,000 with FREE FOREIGN TRIPS including USA for Selling Real Estate. Study the Complete Website given below and READ all the Information in all the 4 LINKS in detail.

CONTACT Details ::

Mobile Number :: 0091 9008026867 ( India ) - SMS me with full details and your Name , Email ID , Country , Place
USA Number : 001 770 881 7545 - Call between 9pm to 11:30pm India Time  
Email Me on info@RealtySelling2NRIs.com

Visit my Website of Selling Flats/Villas to NRIs in USA through DIRECT PRESENTATIONS which I organize for 1 builder at a Time & Sell their projects:

Visit my Website if you have contacts with Builders / Developers so that you can Associate with me to visit USA to Sell the Projects of the Builders / Developers you know to NRIs & Earn Huge Commission .
Read Full details in below LINK and then Contact me .

INVESTOR required to Buy Foreclosure properties in USA and we will Sell them for you and you make 100% to 400% Profit . Guaranteed .
Read below information carefully and Contact me to discuss more in Detail.

1.) Real Estate is Booming in USA again with Chinese People buying PLOTS , Houses in USA . 22% increase in just 1 year .

2.) I have studied throughly about Foreclosure process and have purchased Forclosure Properties cheaper than the Market Price .

3.) A US$200,000 ( About Rs.1.2 Crore ) house can be got for US$75,000 to US$100,000 buy following the Forclusure Process of Buying. Many Millionaires and Billionaires made their Fortune in buying Forclosure Properties in Bulk in very Cheap Cost and Sold at again at Market price and above .

4.) Now after the Recession of 2008 to 2011 the Real Estate is Booming Now in Real Estate because everywhere throughout USA the Chineses People are buying.
I see a very big Potential and I have purchased 2 Plots and I am PLANNING to buy more in California , New York and Texas where maximum Indian are there .

5.) We can purchase Properties which are very Good , Neat and very beautiful in a very good developing neighbourhood for Rs.50 Lakhs to Rs.1 Crore and Sell it for 100% Profit after 1 year or 2 years. If 5 to 10 Investors invest Rs.10 Lakhs each Jointly and Purchase through LLC Company and later can be Sold after 6 months to 1 year . You can get Opportunites to Visit USA and also to Start other Small Businesses between India and USA . I will explain that in detail about different small business which has huge returns. I attended a Seminar called - Doing Business in USA - which gave me lot of ideas and strategies which required investments ranging from Rs.20 Lakhs to Rs.5 Crore. You get opportunities to first get B1/B2 VISA and later GREEN CARD has you are invovled in Multiple Small businesses . I know a person who gets Visiting Card Printed in India for an Printer in USA who tales orders from Companies and make a Fortune without Investment or owning a Printing Machine . Real Estate Selling of USA Plots and Houses for the Rich and affluent people in India who Sends their children for Higher Studies to USA is another Huge Profitable Business which I can Sell if there are a Group of Investors.

6.) I will be promoting this Website on all Online Classifieds and Investment Portals and also putting classifieds Ads for Investors . Looking initially for Investors who have Capacity from Rs.10 Lakhs to Rs.5 Crores . Investors who have Capacity to Invest above Rs.2 Crores can purchase 20 to 25 PLOTS of 10,000 Sqft in growing Sub-urban areas in growing Cities or around big cities in USA and we can Sell them to people in India who have Capacity to buy for Rs.50 Lakhs each making a 100% to 400% Profit . Big Chinese Businessmen are buying in Bulk 100 PLOTS to 1000 Plots and Selling them back in China for 400% to 1000% Profit . Initially it was the Australians & Europeans who were buying single Plots and houses. Now it is the Chinese who are buying throughout USA around Universities because after 10 to 15 years later their children and come and stay to study in that University . What I have seen in Indian people working USA will be Satisfied with their IT professionals and rarely venture into other businesses which has huge potential of financial returns. 95% of Inidan IT Professional don`t mingle with other Businessmen nor attend Seminars or training programs on other business ventures . When I attended Real Estate Seminars in Atlanta , I saw Chinese people who were 60% and not one Indian expect myself .

7.) So if you are an INVESTOR who have a Capacity to Invest from Minimum Rs.10 Lakhs to Rs,2 Crores or even Rs.5 Crores you can contact me to get more information . It is Easier to Buy Property in USA then in India where there is not of headache and red-tapism. It is simipler process to buy in USA with an Title Insurance.

So contact me by Mobile by First Sending an SMS to my Mobile Number : 0091 9008026867 . Mention from which Country you are Calling . I will be Promoting this Website throughout India and all Countries in the world in the Indian Portals in Dubai , Kuwait , Singapore , Malaysia , Australia and another 20 more Countires . You can call me on 0091 9008026867 or 001 770 881 7545 ( USA Number ) . I am in Bangalore now and am planning to visit USA again after 3 months in Feb 2014 for buying some more PLOTS in USA and Selling them. I am LOOKING for INVESTORS so that we can BUY more PLOTS and Sell them . If you are an INVESTOR , I can Guide you how to get an B1/B2 VISA and how you can Explore other Business opportunities either in Real Estate or other Businesses . You can Email me on my Email ID : info@RealtySelling2NRIs.com and also Send me SMS if you want immediate Response . People who are dynamic and ambitious who want to Earn a Fortune in Real Estate by Working SMARTLY without Investment can also look at the Website : http://www.EarnSMARTLYFrom.RealtySelling2NRIs.com and Contact me with full details by Email first and later call me .

Remember , visiting USA and experiencing Life there and understanding the Culture and technology and doing Businesses is one of the Best expernece in your Life. Others won`t tell you this , even your near and dear ones who are there but I am telling you so that you see and create a Fortune in the Land of melting pot which accepts all Culture and gives you Equal Opportunity to Grow and expand to whatever level you dream of . Take Action now . THINK . Do Something . Contact NOW on my WhatsAPP on the Number : 0091 9008026867 and mention your NAME , Email ID and CITY .

PASSIVE INVESTOR can INVEST Rs.10 Lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs & Earn 20% yearly & own a Residential PLOT of 2000 to 5000 Sq ft in USA.
Best Strategy to make LONG TERM investment which will appreciate investment by 1000% to 2000% .
Contact NOW because only this OPTION is for LIMITED TIME .

WhatsAPP Now :: Your Name><Your Email ID><Your City> to 0091 9008026867

CONTACT Details :: If don`t want to FILL the Form , send Email Directly

Mobile Number :: 0091 9008026867 ( India ) - SMS me with full details and your Name , Email ID , Country , Place
USA Number : 001 770 881 7545 - Call between 9pm to 11:30pm India Time  
Email Me on info@RealtySelling2NRIs.com